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          LEAN TPM

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            Merging the benefits of two well-known methodolgies, Lean Thinking and Total Productive Maintenance, Lean TPM shows how to secure increased manufacturing efficiency.
            Based on their experienc of working with organisations that have successfully achieved outstanding performance, McCarthy and Rich provide the tools and techniques that convert strategic vision into practical reality. Lean TPM accelerates the benefits of continuous improvement activities within any manufacturing environment by challenging wasteful working practices, releasing the potential of the workforce, targeting effectiveness and making processes work as planned.
            * Unites world-class manufacturing, Lean Thinking and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
            * Shows how to achieve zero breakdowns
            * Optimises processes to deliver performance and new products efficiently
            * Delivers benefit from continuous improvement activities quickly
            Lean TPM provides a single change agenda for organisations. It will help to develop robust supply chain relationships and to optimise the value generating process. Supported by an integrated route map and comprehensive benchmark data, this book enables engineers, technicians and managers to explore this potent technique fully.
            * Unites the concepts of world-class manufacturing, Lean and TPM.
            * Shows how to accelerate the benefits gained from continuous improvement activities.
            * Includes an integrated route map for Lean TPM, including benchmark data.

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